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Member since: September 23, 2008
Last visit: December 6, 2008
Name: John
Gender: Male
Age: 58
Location: Las Vegas (Nevada)
Country: United States
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One family

category: Positivity | October 6 | @881 | comments comments(0)

It pains me to see that fellow Americans are always at each others throat for some of the most trivial things. We as citizens are a family that is very lucky to enjoy such 'collective' wealth. True, poverty to the extreme still exists in the States, but we are rich in the fact that we have freedoms here that do not exist in other places. When we bicker and fight over partisanship, ethnicity, gender and other things that we should 'agree to disagree' on, it only weakens us as a nation. Our enemies seize upon this and also our political correctness. C'mon it's time we stick together and show a little pride in being a member of a very lucky community of people known as US CITIZENS. And...


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09/23/08 @328
Comment to Apl. I was very inspired by your song the APL song. It helped me get over the loss of my Father who I loved dearly but somehow could never show it. It was a focal point of an idea of a song that had been floating around in my head for almost a year. I listined to the APL song and went to bed. I had an epiphany and woke very early and my tribute song to my Father flowed out like the tears in my eyes. I would like you to look at it sometime. Perhaps you could do a little editing and make it into another balled. I heard your gonna do a family thing in Christmas in your hometown. Think I might have a courrier for the song-not sure really but you really wrote a good song
Best regards

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